VA's Office of Early Childhood Development
standards of learning for the early years of a child’s
development Milestones of Child Development
Foundation Blocks (pdf)
Scholastic Books:  The Internet portal and
book club for the world's largest publisher
& distributor of children's books.
Nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing
about a clearer understanding of the issues
surrounding food allergies and providing helpful
Virginia Department of Social Services
searchable registry of child care facilities
including home child care providers, licensed
child care and religiously exempt centers.
Information to help parents choose the
right public school for their children in
the Chesapeake Public Schools.
Compare K-12 school ratings nationwide
to find the best schools. View parent
ratings, reviews and test scores and
choose the right preschool, private and
(C) Centerville Baptist PreSchool                 908 Centerville Turnpike, South                    Chesapeake, Virginia 23322                    757.482.7595
Chesapeake RU Ready provides
information regarding services for
children from birth to 22 years of age.
Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan developed and
founded the CTLT youth program. Find
more information about the "Be a Buddy,
Not a Bully" program.
Children's Harbor is a nonprofit
organization advocating for all children
to have access to quality early-care and
Chesapeake Public Schools Edwards
Wilson Center is the source for early
assessment issues.  If you believe your
child needs early intervention services,
don't wait.  Contact Edwards Wilson.
Understanding your child is one of the most
important things that you should learn as a
parent. It is very helpful in becoming effective in
guiding and nurturing your child as they grow
and mature.