• Are active learners.  They are
    given the opportunity to
    independently explore
    Learning Centers everyday.  
    These Centers are designed to
    help children learn to make
    choices, become self-reliant,
    confident responsible
    classroom citizens.
  • Learn though special events
    and projects.  Kindergarten
    students explore new ideas,
    discuss their hypothesis, make
    observations and document
    their conclusions.  Their
    higher level thinking skills are
    challenged and encouraged.
(C) Centerville Baptist PreSchool       908 Centerville Turnpike, South          Chesapeake, Virginia 23322          757.482.7595
Our Kindergarteners:
  • Receive individual and small
    group attention from  
    experienced teachers.  Our class
    size is small, with an average
    class size of 12.
  • Are immersed in high interest
    monthly themes such as Water,
    Nocturnal Animals, Vehicles,
    Plants, Oviparous Animals, and
    Birds.  These themes serve as
    the “umbrella” for the brain-
    based, hands-on learning
    activity centers.  Reading,
    writing and math skills are
    seamlessly incorporated into
    every area of the curriculum.
Kindergarten Hours:
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
VA Standards of Learning                        PAL’s Assessments
Follows the City of Chesapeake Public Schools Pacing Guide
“My son's Kindergarten experiences not only readied him for first grade academically, but also helped him build confidence in his
abilities, work independently and conscientiously, and develop leadership skills by helping others. The best part was that he had
fun and was always "drawn in" by the month's focus theme.”         Mary Lou R.
“We are so pleased with the Kindergarten Program at CBC!  The curriculum is creative and inventive, and the kids have fun while they
learn in a safe, Christian environment.  It offers so much more than merely teaching rote skills and completing worksheets; but rather,
the children are immersed in activities that teach them to think critically in reading, language arts, math and science.  The kids learn to
work independently but also get lots of one-on-one attention.  Our daughter was reading by Christmas which really boosted her
confidence!  We highly recommend this program!”  Catherine & Phillip P

  • Learn through sharing with
    others.  Reading skills are
    developed in a natural,
    environmental word rich
    classroom.  Homework is a fun,
    and often includes family
  • Learn in a Christian atmosphere
    – where God and his unending
    love are incorporated into
    everything we do.  Weekly Bible
    stories come to life as we tie
    them in with our themes.