In the event of inclement weather, we post notices of delayed opening or CLOSURE on
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Notice Regarding School Closures

The administration reserves the right to close school in the event of inclement weather, widespread illnesses or for unforeseen events beyond our
control.  We do not make up lost days on planned school closure days.  Thank you for your understanding.
Centerville Baptist PreSchool                 908 Centerville Turnpike, South                    Chesapeake, Virginia 23322
Remember our weather
closure policies:

Public Schools delay 1
hour, we open at 10:00
a.m.  Dismissal @
normal times.

2 hour delay, we are  

Early Release for
weather:  3 hours early,
we are

2 hours early, we
closed  at NOON
Dates to Remember:

CPS Teacher Workdays:
February 1 & 2, school

President's Day:
February 15, school

Spring Break: April 5-9,
school closed